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Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana



Latitude: 39.768403, Longitude: -86.15806800000001


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bernhardt, Carl Frederick  20 May 1900Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I806
2 Bernhardt, Elnora  8 Aug 1896Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I694
3 Bernhardt, Frank Lewis  1 Sep 1887Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I165
4 Bernhardt, John  1 Feb 1862Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I240
5 Bernhardt, William John  20 Oct 1884Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I539
6 Cheetham, Herbert Samuel  16 Sep 1901Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I122
7 Daniels, William A  25 Aug 1905Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I120
8 Dannenberg, Anna Christina  7 Oct 1875Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I450
9 Dickinson, Rosemary  Jul 1923Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I524
10 Dumser, Christina  2 Oct 1879Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I622
11 Eddy, Emma Margaret  5 Mar 1904Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I300
12 Eddy, Frederick  18 Nov 1906Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I372
13 Feldman, Dorothy Geneva  31 May 1907Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I251
14 Feldman, Elizabeth Katherine  9 Apr 1902Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I363
15 Feldman, Russell William  24 Nov 1904Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I99
16 Large, Sarah Elizabeth  8 Apr 1852Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I62
17 Purkheiser Crouch, Harry Lawrence  28 Sep 1927Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I210
18 Rosemeyer, Angeline  5 Mar 1865Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I645
19 Rosemeyer, Anna Christine Leonore  9 Oct 1879Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I794
20 Rosemeyer, Annetta Marie  18 May 1876Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I29
21 Rosemeyer, Arthur Thomas  30 Oct 1883Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I8
22 Rosemeyer, Bertha M.  12 Aug 1896Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I223
23 Rosemeyer, Charles C.  10 Jan 1878Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I5
24 Rosemeyer, Christian Fred Henry  17 Feb 1882Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I496
25 Rosemeyer, Cora Bell  1 Jul 1880Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I488
26 Rosemeyer, Debra S.  5 Jun 1951Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I247
27 Rosemeyer, Dorothy  Abt 1908Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I541
28 Rosemeyer, Earl  13 Feb 1906Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I364
29 Rosemeyer, Edna  7 Mar 1903Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I186
30 Rosemeyer, Edward Leroy  24 Dec 1874Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I131
31 Rosemeyer, Ethel Estel  22 Sep 1890Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I324
32 Rosemeyer, Fern Alta  22 Feb 1917Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I729
33 Rosemeyer, Frederick Carl Henry  17 Sep 1898Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I427
34 Rosemeyer, George  29 May 1872Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I844
35 Rosemeyer, Harold William  17 Jul 1894Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I641
36 Rosemeyer, Hazel  13 Jan 1898Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I2
37 Rosemeyer, Helen A  3 Nov 1900Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I262
38 Rosemeyer, Herbert  1 Oct 1885Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I208
39 Rosemeyer, John W.  May 1872Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I157
40 Rosemeyer, Launa Marguerite  9 Jul 1903Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I766
41 Rosemeyer, Lillian  14 Dec 1896Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I390
42 Rosemeyer, Lorenz Andrew  23 Jan 1901Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I637
43 Rosemeyer, Margaret  27 Aug 1910Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I568
44 Rosemeyer, Mary Maymie  Abt 1871Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I3
45 Rosemeyer, May C.  13 May 1896Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I367
46 Rosemeyer, Otto Mathias  17 Dec 1899Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I111
47 Rosemeyer, Russell  10 Aug 1900Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I538
48 Rosemeyer, Sarah Edna  14 Sep 1906Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I320
49 Rosemeyer, William Arthur  14 Apr 1911Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I220
50 Rupp, Mabel Leona  25 Nov 1896Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I254


Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beatty, Bessie L.  18 Jan 1970Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I774
2 Becker, Frederick  12 Feb 1902Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I139
3 Bernhardt, Carl Frederick  22 Jun 1962Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I806
4 Bernhardt, Herman A.  29 Oct 1907Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I444
5 Bernhardt, John  23 Aug 1932Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I240
6 Bernhardt, William John  7 Jul 1924Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I539
7 Casey, Ellen  Feb 1915Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I836
8 Crouch, Alva Lawrence  15 Aug 1936Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I578
9 Dannenberg, Anna Christina  28 Aug 1948Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I450
10 Dewald, Mary B.  Bef 13 May 1963Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I236
11 Dickinson, Rosemary  14 Jul 1923Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I524
12 Dickinson, Tine Payton  3 Dec 1962Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I832
13 Dumser, Benjamin  1905Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I483
14 Dumser, Christina  3 Feb 1971Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I622
15 Eddy, Clarence  19 Sep 1960Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I731
16 Feldman, Dorothy Geneva  28 Dec 1998Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I251
17 Feldman, Russell William  19 Apr 1942Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I99
18 Feldman, William Frederick Henry  6 Jan 1960Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I252
19 Helmuth, Margaret  22 Jul 1919Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I826
20 Large, Sarah Elizabeth  19 Apr 1934Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I62
21 Purkheiser Crouch, Harry Lawrence  1 Dec 2006Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I210
22 Rocky, Sally (Raque)  1891Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I567
23 Rosemeyer, Angeline  13 Feb 1962Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I645
24 Rosemeyer, Anna Elnora  15 Nov 1993Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I216
25 Rosemeyer, Annetta Marie  Bef 8 May 1943Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I29
26 Rosemeyer, Arthur Thomas  25 Feb 1960Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I8
27 Rosemeyer, Carl Friedrich Wilhelm  28 May 1956Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I175
28 Rosemeyer, Carrie  Jan 1944Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I643
29 Rosemeyer, Charles  Dec 1927Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I328
30 Rosemeyer, Christian Fred Henry  1962Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I496
31 Rosemeyer, Dorothy  21 Nov 1969Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I541
32 Rosemeyer, Edward  16 Sep 1967Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I388
33 Rosemeyer, Edward Leroy  Bef 6 Oct 1942Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I131
34 Rosemeyer, Edward Louis  5 Sep 2007Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I338
35 Rosemeyer, Frederick  9 Aug 1934Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I51
36 Rosemeyer, Frederick Carl Henry  5 Mar 1984Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I427
37 Rosemeyer, Frederick William  7 Mar 1996Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I380
38 Rosemeyer, George  17 Nov 1954Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I844
39 Rosemeyer, John W.  11 Mar 1949Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I157
40 Rosemeyer, Lillian  30 Sep 1971Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I390
41 Rosemeyer, Maude  Abt 24 Jun 1978Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I618
42 Rosemeyer, Otto Mathias  27 Nov 1956Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I111
43 Rosemeyer, Sarah Edna  11 May 1998Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I320
44 Rosemeyer, William A.  9 Sep 1938Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I6
45 Stricker, Roy Ellsworth  14 Jun 2006Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I290
46 Wyant, Goldia Fern  14 May 1956Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I307


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Rosemeyer, Carl Friedrich Wilhelm  Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I175
2 Rosemeyer, Christian Fred Henry  11 May 1962Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I496


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Dewald, Mary B.  1900Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I236
2 Large, Sarah Elizabeth  1900Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I62
3 Rosemeyer, Annetta Marie  1900Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I29
4 Rosemeyer, Arthur Thomas  1900Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I8
5 Rosemeyer, Bertha M.  1900Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I223
6 Rosemeyer, Cora Bell  1900Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I488
7 Rosemeyer, Ethel Estel  1900Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I324
8 Rosemeyer, Harold William  1900Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I641
9 Rosemeyer, John W.  1900Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I157
10 Rosemeyer, Otto Mathias  1900Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I111
11 Rosemeyer, William A.  1900Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana I6


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Becker / Rosemeyer  15 Sep 1892Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana F46
2 Bernhardt / Rosemeyer  30 Oct 1883Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana F72
3 Cheetham / Rosemeyer  10 Jul 1924Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana F251
4 Daniels / Rosemeyer  25 Apr 1901Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana F143
5 Dickinson / Rosemeyer  14 Jun 1911Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana F215
6 Feldman / Rosemeyer  26 Jul 1900Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana F76
7 Purkheiser / Crouch  5 Dec 1926Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana F208
8 Rosemeyer / Dewald  11 Oct 1893Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana F53
9 Rosemeyer / Dumser  20 Nov 1905Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana F42
10 Rosemeyer / Helmuth  24 Dec 1869Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana F18
11 Rosemeyer / Large  25 Jun 1871Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana F1
12 Rosemeyer / Meyers  21 Jun 1910Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana F297
13 Rosemeyer / Schakel  28 Oct 1894Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana F60
14 Rupp / Rosemeyer  18 Sep 1895Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana F150